Wedding Cakes - Traditions From Around the Globe

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Whether you're a bride trying to get in touch with her home countries culture or a bride with a certain cultural wedding theme, wedding cake traditions vary significantly around the world.
So if you're looking to take a different approach to the traditional American wedding cake then read ahead, we've got the traditions from all around the world.
China Wedding cakes have layers right? Well in China, the tradition is to create a massive many layered (were at least 10 layers) cake called lapis Surabaya.
Each layer is supposed to represent a stepping stone that the couple must cross to be successful in the marriage.
Korea The tradition in Korea is to have the wedding cake made out of ground steamed rice that's been covered in red bean powder.
Don't like the sounds of that? Tiered sponge cake with non-dairy whipped cream is a second favorite choice of the Koreans.
Japan If you're looking for a unique tradition to follow for you cake cutting moment at your reception than consider doing what the Japanese do.
They often use an imposter cake made from rubber or even Styrofoam to trick the guests into thinking a real cake is being cut, when in fact it is not.
They go all out even allowing a slit for the knife to be inserted.
Meanwhile sheet cakes are being cut in the kitchen to be served to all the guests.
Caribbean Islands Ever been on vacation to the Caribbean and tasted some of their delicious rum cake? Well as much as we love it, they love it too.
Sometimes they fill it with different fruits to make it a fruitcake, often it is dark and of course made with wine or rum.
Yum! Great Britain If you're looking for a British inspired cake, than you have to go with a fanciful fruitcake.
Made from different prunes, nuts, raisins, currants and orange peels; then the Brits top it off with marzipan frosting.
British tradition says that couples save the top-tier of the wedding cake, not for the first anniversary, but for the birth of their first child.
Ireland & Scotland Like Britain, the fruitcake is fancied in Ireland and Scotland.
But to change it up the Irish and Scottish lace the wedding cake with whiskey, bourbon or brandy.
Germany German tradition serves up rich nut or genoise sponge cake at weddings.
They often make it with some sort of liqueur or syrup and then fill the cake with jam, marzipan or nougat.
France The French are known for their croquembouche.
A tall towered pastry filled with cream and coated in caramel.
They usually form in into a pyramid shape, and is quite impressive.
Italy We've all seen Buddy on the TV Show "Cake Boss" and the amazing cakes he's made.
Being Italian, he represents the whole idea that taste is just as important as the cake decoration.
So in Italy, they make sure their cakes taste great by serving mille-foglia made with chocolate and vanilla creams, and then topped with fresh strawberries.
Greece In ancient Greece the wedding cake served would have been made with honey, sesame seeds and quinch.
All of which were thought to symbolize enduring commitment of the couple to one another.
Now-a-days though, many Greek couples are using a flour-less almond cake filled with vanilla custard and covered with sliced almonds.
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