Band Promotion 101: All About the Fans

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In the realm of band promotion, there are a lot of different ways to build buzz. But even in the brave new world of band blogging, custom mascots, and online radio, one of the most time-tested ways to promote your music is still one of the most effective: eye-catching, full-color custom vinyl stickers.

Among the advantages of this band promotion strategy is how affordable it is. Eye-catching band stickers can run as little as.5 cents each, making them one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your music. Another major selling point is how long they last. Given the right design, your band stickers will €stick around€ a whole lot longer than your handbills, posters, or shrink-wrapped tour van. They'll also show up in all kinds of different places, both regular and unexpected: bumpers, guitar cases, laptops, street signs, you name it.

Band stickers can also be considered an essential strategy for indie band promotion. Why? Because they're all about the fans. Consider:

1) Custom stickers are inexpensive enough to give away to your fans. People like getting free stuff, especially if it's unique and cool. Your URL/MySpace on your stickers will also give people a way to get hold of you, buy your CD's, download your music, and stay in touch.

2) See a band sticker on one of the many surfaces mentioned above? (Or a bike, or a water-bottle, or even the on-ramp sign for the Golden Gate Bridge?) Chances are, a fan put it there. This indicates to the world that you have fans. This is a good thing.

The right band sticker design (along with music that people love, genuinely want to hear, and want to share with their friends) is key to the success of this promo strategy. However, when you sit down to figure out where your music marketing dollars are going to go, don't discount the power of the humble band sticker. No other strategy puts as much power in the hands of the fans for such an affordable price, and no other form of marketing shows up in so many places.

More information on the million and one things you can do with custom stickers is available at
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