How to Remove a Vinyl Baseboard

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    • 1). Prepare to remove the vinyl baseboards by setting your heat gun to medium heat and putting on safety glasses and gloves.

    • 2). Locate the end of one of the baseboards, and heat that end by holding the heat gun 3 to 4 inches away and moving it back and forth to soften the glue holding the vinyl baseboard to the wall and make it easier to remove.

    • 3). Place a putty knife behind the end of the baseboard that you heated, and pull on it gently to detach it from the wall.

    • 4). Continue to heat a section and pry it off of the wall until you have removed the entire piece of vinyl baseboard from the wall.

    • 5). Heat the leftover glue with the heat gun, and remove it with the putty knife.

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