Adjustable Weight Dumbbells - Are They Better Than Fixed Sets?

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In order to keep your body toned and shaped, free weights such as dumbbells are very helpful.
When it comes to choice, there are basically two categories available in the market to choose from.
There are fixed and adjustable versions available for sale.
The ones that are fixed, have a pre-defined weight that is not changeable, and on the other hand the adjustable ones have weights that can be changed depending on your workout needs.
There are many advantages of going for the adjustable type instead of the fixed ones.
Exercising with the adjustable models is simple and fun as they are safer to exercise with and are convenient in handling too.
Reasons For Choosing Adjustable dumbbells Space Saving You can easily have your adjustable dumbbell set stored at your home or in your room, as it does not require a lot of space.
With a fixed set this is not the case, as there is a different piece for every different weight, which takes up a lot of space in storage.
This reason alone makes the adjustable versions the most preferred choice for home use as they are not bulky and are more convenient for your workout.
Affordable Adjustable dumbbells are affordable in comparison to fixed sets, this is because with the adjustable sets you need to buy only one set, whereas with fixed dumbbells you need to buy different ones to have enough selection.
Quality Before you go for adjustable weight dumbbells, you need to find yourself the ones that are right for you and your workout.
The market is filled with may brands, however, not all are the same in quality and function, and every brand has its own pros and cons.
Lets take a quick look at some popular brands.
Adjustable Dumbbell Brands 1.
Ironmaster Ironmaster is a brand of adjustable dumbbells that lets you change a weight plate in less than 15 seconds.
It uses a partial screw lock that enables you to change the weight plates more quickly.
Bayou Another brand of is Bayou, in which the user can change the weight plates by altering the knobs present on the dumbbells.
These kinds of dumbbells come in the size of approximately 11 Kg and 22 Kg.
Bowflex One of the most popular and easy to use brands is the Bowflex.
They are also called dial dumbbells, as the weights are changed with the adjustment of the selection dial.
Conclusion When you choose your set, it is vital that you consider seriously your personal requirements.
Make sure the set you choose has a range of weights that will allow you to complete a sufficient variety of exercises in your routine.
Having the right kind of adjustable dumbbell will not only make your workout easy but will also be more effective in keeping your body toned.
You will save on money when you purchase them, and save on space for storage.
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