Juicing Vs. Whole Fruits & Vegetables

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    • Consuming whole fruits and vegetables can be more convenient than juicing them, as there is no clean-up and most fruits and vegetables can be consumed on the go.


    • While whole fruits and vegetables contain the same nutrients as those that are juiced, many people overlook the skins and pulp. The skin and pulp can contain vital nutrients such as beneficial pigments and cancer-fighting components.


    • Fruits and vegetables can be high in fiber, which is often lost in the commercial juicing process. Whole fruits and vegetables and unfiltered juices will offer the most fiber.


    • Some people find it difficult to consume their daily recommended value of fruits and vegetables when eating them whole. Juicing provides a healthy and convenient way to drink these servings instead of eating them.


    • Whole fruits and vegetables and fresh juices are not tampered with, and the nutritional value remains the same, regardless of the source. However, store-bought fruit and vegetable juices can yield additives, sugar and sodium.

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