Will Google Ever Stop Counting Links?

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A large part of the Google ranking algorithm is based on links as a link to your website from a related website is like a vote for your website which will help your website ranking for particular keyphrases.
However will Google ever change this and develop a system based on other factors? In this article we will discuss if this will ever change and what the changes might be.
If Google did stop using links how would it determine websites strength? This is likely not to change any time soon the closest thing I can think of that will bring change is the surfing habits of visitors.
Yahoo has long been devoted to bring results based on visitor behaviour although this has brought limited success as Google is still the best search engine for retrieving the most relevant results.
Even if Yahoo was superior then it would take a lot for people to change to Yahoo as Google has a large loyalty base.
It also has to do with habits; we all use Google through habit.
So if Google was going to achieve giving results based visitors habits how will they achieve this? Well this is already evident with Google analytics, Chrome and now the G1 phone.
I will discuss some of the ways this will be achieved.
Google Analytics Analytics is an online dashboard for you to track your traffic, keyphrases and a host of other helpful stats.
Google keeps note of this information (although you can opt out of it) anonymously to better track visitor behaviour.
Google can then use this information to see how popular your website is by looking at bounce rates and time spent on your website etc.
Chrome Chrome is the new web browser from Google.
Although Google said that the introduction of this browser was a defensive move to combat Microsoft this can also be a great way to track user's habits.
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The only way that this can be successful is if these systems have the user base to track all the data that is needed and Google is in the best position at the moment to do this.
Some say that Google's failing is that they always try solving problems with computer algorithms.
Where as Yahoo take a different approach.
However this may prove to best the best solution for the perfect search but only time will tell.
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