HoMedics Massage Chair for any Budget

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The official name of an HoMedics massage chair is the HoMedics eLounger Massaging Recliner. Though HoMedics is known for making a lot of great home health and massage type products, as far as I can tell, they only make one full size massage chair that resembles an everyday recliner. But they do have some other great options that we will look at also.

First, the actual HoMedics massage chair can take the place of a regular recliner in any room, it looks that nice! It is made of faux black leather, is very comfortable and has a nice modern design. It features a full quad roller massage with 3D motion, offering the standard four massage functions found on most high end massage chairs: tapping, kneading, rolling, and a kneading and tapping combo. You can get a full back massage, or just concentrate on your upper or lower back. Besides these great massage features, you can tell that extra thought was put into its design for the users convenience. Some of these features include a cup holder, an integrated remote control, and tilt wheels so that you can easily move the chair when you rearrange the living room. It is easy to spend thousands of dollars on a high quality massage chair, but with this HoMedics massage chair, you spend less than a thousand and get many of the same features. As HoMedics likes to say, "It's your massage therapist on demand!".

Though this is the only full featured HoMedics massage chair that I could find, the do have other options. Some of the options they have are anti-gravity or inversion recliners that also feature massage. Some of these even have a heat feature to help further relax your back. Besides massage, the idea behind an anti-gravity chair is to tip you back in such a way that the effect of gravity on your body is evenly distributed.

One area of the massage industry that HoMedics has a great corner on are massage cushions. These allow any chair to be turned into an HoMedics massage chair. Massage cushions are a very affordable alternative to a full massage chair. Their most expensive cushion is less than $200, and some are even under a hundred dollars. The different cushions offer different types of massage, some have the full functioning quad roller system, others promote different degrees of shiatsu massage, some also offer heat along with the massage function. These cushions are foldable so that they are easy to store away, or you can just leave one out on your favorite chair for regular use. They can be used in a recliner or easy chair, or just as well on an office chair. Then you can enjoy a relaxing massage while you work (or is that an oxymoron?).

Regardless of your budget, there is bound to be some form of a HoMedics massage chair that will work for you. They are all great to relieve tension and help you to relax after a busy day.
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