How to Make A Crochet Rag Rug

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    • 1). Cut out the fabric or clothing into strips about 3/4 " wide. Sew them together with small seams to make long strips which you are going to crochet into a rag rug.

    • 2). Using the Q hook make a slip knot on one end. Chain 20 and then single crochet in second chain from hook. Just like you would do with yarn. Single crochet and go down all the way to the end of the chain. Tie off at the end by splitting the fabric and tie a good knot.

    • 3). Do each strip this way .Tie all the crocheted strips together by spitting the fabric on the end and pulling the the strip though tyeing a knot. Start coiling the rag rug crochet in a round shape. You can pin together if it is easier for you to hold the coil together. The more crocheted strips you have the larger the rug will be.

    • 4). When coiled all the way sew the coils together with a threaded heavy duty needle. Go back and forth with the sewing keep the rug flat until at the end then turn ends under. Sew the turned under end tucked in to the crocheted rag rug at the stopping point.

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