3 Secret Strategies to Attract Women That Gurus Never Tell You

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For many men, happiness is tied strongly to the proposition of a significant other. Unfortunately for those men, it's often attracting a woman in the first place which poses the biggest problem. If your road to happiness involves beautiful women, then you first must learn how to attract them, and that's why it's important to know the three secret tips that help make it all happen.

1. Make Her Invest in You -- One of the worst things a man can do when trying to attract a beautiful woman, is to give in to her too easily and not make her invest into him. In all matters of life, we are conditioned to value more that which we invest in, and value less that which we don't. If you simply give in to an attractive woman at first sight by giving her your affection and attention, then you have in effect removed her need to invest in you, and as a result, lowered your value to her. It's important to give a woman a challenge, and make her feel as if she is slowly winning you over with effort and quality responses, rather than allowing her to be your center of attention simply by her mere existence.

2. Teach Her Something -- Humans have a marvelous desire to learn, and as a result we've naturally come to not only respect those that can teach us something, but treat them as authority figures as well. If you can teach a woman something valuable, either about herself, the social dynamics that play into her world, or even just about life in general, then she will be hard-pressed not to respect and admire you. If you can build respect and authority in the eyes of a woman, then you've got an excellent platform to create attraction.

3. Create Experiences -- There is one core love that exists inside every woman of every creed and nationality, and it's the love of experiences. Every day, millions of women wake up in the morning and hope that something magical will happen. These women -- like most people -- want unique moments to remember back on in their life, and to experience firsthand. If you can create the kind of experiences that makes a woman smile at the kind of world she's living in, then you've successfully discovered one of the most powerful triggers of attraction.

Whether it's forcing a woman to invest in you with her time and effort, or teaching her something as part of a fun and magical experience, as long as you remember these are the platforms to success with women then you will be well on your way on the road to happiness.
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