How to Mount Hardware for Window Treatments

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    • 1). Select the type of drapery you want to use.You can mount inexpensive curtains close to the window because they are too small to fit properly. When hung, these curtains will be several inches too short or you may see tab gaps between the rod and the window trim or frame. A properly sized drape will fit 4 inches above and to each side of the window trim.

    • 2). Position a tall ladder close to the wall and window where you are hanging the draperies. This will give you the best access to the area you are working. Examine the wall for evidence of repairs. If the wall has a lot of patches you may need to position your drapery hardware further out in an area where the wall has more strength.

    • 3). Select a wider rod if you want to maximize light in the room by allowing the drapery to open to the edges of the window frame. Use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall 4 inches above and 4 inches to the sides of your windows. When possible use long screws and mount window treatment hardware directly into studs. Draperies are often quite heavy and poor installation will cause drapes to fall.

    • 4). Select appropriate wall anchors for hardware that must be mounted to walls where no studs are available. Choose the right kind of wall anchor for the type of wall you are mounting the curtain rod to. Weigh your curtains or drapes to make sure the anchor can carry the drapery weight.

    • 5). Check the level of the curtain rod before hanging the second set of brackets to make sure that the curtain rod is level with the ceiling and window framing.

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