Legit Grants

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    Legitimate Grants for Social Services

    • The U.S. government, through agencies such as the Administration on Aging, the Administration for Children and Families, the Social Security Administration and the National Institutes of Health, offer a variety of funding opportunities in the area of social services. Agencies and organizations can apply for funding to establish street outreach and basic social services centers to help distressed communities as well as funding for services for children, the elderly, and the victims of violent crimes or abuse. You can research grants available through the U.S. government, including general academic research grants and funding for research on school nutrition.

    Legitimate Housing Grants

    • If you are looking for housing grants, the U.S. government offers a variety of legitimate funding opportunities through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funding opportunities include retrofitting your home for energy efficiency, as well as opportunities for agencies to apply for funding for housing assistance initiatives for those with disabilities, the elderly and returning war veterans who need housing stability. You can even find funding for doctoral dissertations on housing.

    Legitimate Health Grants

    • You can find legitimate grant funding on the broad area of health. Through U.S. government agencies such as the Agency for International Development and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, grants are available for everything from AIDS education and training to responses to infectious diseases. Many U.S. government grants on heath initiatives are for organizations and agencies at the state, regional or local level but you will also find a variety of grants for individuals, small business and school systems, especially at the college and university level for research funding.

    Legitimate Private Grants

    • The U.S. government is not the only source for legitimate funding opportunities. You can find a variety of legitimate funding sources through private foundations and nonprofit organizations. For example, if you are looking for funding for higher education, you can search 850,000 non-profit organizations for scholarships, funding for research, as well as educational funding opportunities for entities such as libraries, secondary schools, and universities, according to the Education Place website. These legitimate sources, like governments, will not approach you unsolicited and, in most case, you won't have to pay an application fee.

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