While it is Impossible to Avoid Entirely, it is Possible to Live With a Mold Allergy

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Everyone is familiar with some form of mold. An organism that is found nearly everywhere, not just outdoors but inside too, it is a member of the fungus family. Mold's job is to return materials like nutrients back into its surroundings via breaking down dead items. Mold is not picky about what it digests as animals, plants and maybe even some minerals are alright in its book. It spreads its tiny spores into the air and that is why a mold allergy can be very common.

There is not a cook alive who has not seen mold live in the kitchen. Whether it is bread that is just a bit too old with a few blue green spots or cheeses that are actually considered a delicacy with the same patchwork coloring, it is all just mold. One caution to remember is that this fungus can have roots and can grow inside foods yet is unseen.

Everyone experiences the fungi in their daily lives. Luckily, for most of us, we can inhale the tiny little fungus spores and not even know that we have. Those with a mold allergy have an entirely different problem when exposed to more than their fair share of the fungus. Symptoms of this allergy are common to all other allergies and include minor annoyances like runny noses, congestion and eyes that itch and water. Some sufferers may also develop rashes or hives and this may lead to more difficult problems.

While it is impossible to remove mold from daily life, those with the allergy can take some simple steps in reducing how much of the fungus they are exposed to. Naturally, all foods should be given a thorough look over for any visible signs of mold. Some foods like yeast and mushrooms are great friends to this fungus' spores.

The smell test is a big no-no for those allergic to mold. As soon as a breath is taken, if the fungus exists within the food, the spores are on a rocket into the system. The best advice is simply to throw out any foodstuffs that are subject to question.

A surprising number of unlikely foods can harbor the fungus and add annoyance to a mold allergy sufferer's life. For example, items that contain vinegar, like everybody's favorite hotdog condiment- ketchup, are more likely to have mold than some other foods. The same thing holds true for pickles and any other pickled products. Allergies to mold are not treatable with medications. However, those who are bothered by it can take common sense approaches to limiting its presence in their lives.
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