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IT Disposal in London is gaining more and more popularity because people are seeing that it just makes sense. Our company is based in the United Kingdom and is completely free, and at the end of the process you actually can walk out with more money than when you came in. We focus is on disposing of devices which of course benefits our customers, but it also benefits those in other countries who can benefit from used and/or refurbished devices in their educational system. However, the most important aspect of our program is that we are focused on reducing the impact of electronic devices on the environment.

With the rapid speed that new technology is being created and sold, there are so many options that are present in the markets technologically that we sometimes do not hesitate in throwing out devices. The devices that we throw out are usually devices that are almost in perfect working condition or that only need a little work done in order to restore it to its full capacity. We know that there are times when we would rather buy a new better device than waste money on the old on, and that is why we have a solution for you. We are asking you instead of casually throwing the old device or devices away or letting them sit in a dark corner collecting dust, we ask that you let us properly dispose of these devices for you. Our program is extremely simple and only requires a little time commitment.

The process with IT Disposal starts by you either going on our website and filling out information about the device or devices or you can simply give us a call. The questions that you can expect are basic questions about the device such as what year it was made, the brand and model, and overall condition of the device. Once we finish up gathering all of the information that we need on your device, we will then begin to discuss our quote with you. After we have come to an agreement, it is time to discuss how we will receive your device. We can either come pick up your device from you, which most of our customers prefer and utilize this option, or you can send it to us. At this point in the process everything else is completely up to us, and once we receive your device and finish processing it you will get your money sent to you.

During this time frame we will have our engineers do an inspection of your device and also to perform a secure data swipe before they finish out the latter stages of the Secure IT Disposal. Our engineers do this quite quickly after your device is processed just to ensure that no personal information can be disseminated from your device.
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