Types of Trade Show Displays

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A trade show is an integral part of a company's marketing mix.
In particular, small companies and start-ups have a lot to benefit from such shows.
It gives them an opportunity to reach out to potential customers and create brand awareness.
Most small companies with modest budgets participate in different trade shows across the country to market their products/services to consumers.
Businesses participating in trade shows know how important it is to create effective booths and displays to advertise their products.
The display has to make an impact immediately and lure attendees to the booth.
Using custom displays is a great way to attract the attention of visitors.
There are different displays that businesses can buy or rent for their trade show needs.
Here are some of the popular ones that you can spot at most trade shows.
Tabletop display: A tabletop display consists of a collapsible metallic framework that can be fitted into a small carry-bag.
Graphic panels can be attached to the framework using Velcro, magnets or mechanical fasteners.
The advantages of such displays include portability and easy set-up.
They have to be set atop a table, which is generally supplied by the trade show organizers.
Sometimes, table covers and drapes are also provided for improved visual enhancement.
Pop-up display: This display consists of a graphic panel attached to a roller loaded with springs on which the graphic can wind down for storage.
When it has to be displayed, the graphic is hoisted up and secured to a built-in support which holds the graphic in place.
Like the tabletop variety, pop-up displays are lightweight and can be transported as well as set-up conveniently.
The demand for such displays remains strong despite more innovative and visually appealing show exhibit options.
Modular display: A modular display is bigger in size and covers more space within the show booth.
It consists of a metallic framework or lightweight fabric panel construction, weighing significantly less than conventional exhibits.
These versatile exhibits can be customized to a large extent and used in different arrangements.
Custom displays: As the name implies, a custom display is an elaborate show display, which uses many visual components to create a unique representation that advertises the company's product in the most effective way.
Such displays use a combination of fabrics, display components and ideas on the basis of the company's sales pitch, product features and marketing goals.
A custom display can be created by the company's in-house design team or it can engage the services of professional display designers What to keep in mind when selecting trade show displays Select a trade show display that can effectively highlight all the key features of your product and your advertising message.
You also have to factor in your marketing budget when you decide to buy or rent a particular exhibit.
If you have sufficient funds, then go for custom displays as they are much more effective in attracting visitors' attention.
Your booth will stand out from other booths that have traditional, mass-manufactured displays.
If you are participating in a trade show for the first time, it is a good idea to seek the advice of professionals before selecting the displays.
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