Why The Guy You Are Dating Might Not Be Opening Up With His Feelings

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Many women run into a very frustrating thing with the guys that they date.
You might be dating for a while and feel that you haven't really connected emotionally.
You like him but are not sure what his real and deeper feelings are because he doesn't tell you.
Find out what some of the reasons are why the guy you are dating hasn't opened up like this yet.
He might not know what you wants yet.
This isn't a bad thing.
It means that he just hasn't decided yet what he wants out of a woman, life, or anything else.
He might need time to think.
If you need a guy who knows what he wants, don't date the ones who don't know.
He might not be sure how he feels.
He might not have thought about it or is still figuring it out.
He doesn't want to tell you something that isn't true so he just hasn't opened up at all.
He might not want to hurt your or himself.
He might have this fear about people getting hurt if getting into a deeper relationship with you.
It could be from a previous experience where hearts were broken.
He might not want to open up until he feels more confident with how you feel about him.
You might want to be somewhat traditional and wait for him to open up first before you say anything, but he might be waiting for the same thing with you.
In a casual dating relationship, he is probably dating more than just one girl.
This doesn't mean he is a cheater but just involved in multiple relationships at once.
Some guys don't open up like this to a woman until he feels there is a commitment there.
He could just be distracted with work and life.
He could be under stress and is just dating to get away from all that.
Thinking about things like serious relationships and feelings might not be on his mind while busy.
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