Various Roles of a Private Investigator in India

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The world is always occupied with miscreants committing a crime somewhere or the other. They wear a veil of an honest person and win the trust of a person before committing it. It is the common man who always has to suffer the consequences of such acts. Such types of incidents are more prevalent with businessman, property dealers and insurance companies where there always remains a possibility of an information leak.
The job of a private investigator is not as easy as he takes the entire responsibility upon his shoulders. There are different genres of private investigators who deal with cases related to different matters. But one thing that remains common in them is to keep surveillance over any criminal activities and prevent them from occurring. In some cases, they are also bestowed with the responsibility of catching a criminal red handed.
Role of a private investigator is of two types: legal & computer forensics and corporate & financial investigators. The work of a forensic and legal investigator is entirely different from each other. A forensic investigator researches for data and files that is kept by a criminal in the form of cards or has been encrypted into files by using high security passwords. The role of these investigators is to crack those codes and get access to some kinds of secret information that can hamper the society.
A legal investigator on the other hand finds important facts related to a criminal case after verifying their authenticity. They search for clues and evidence of an incident; this may include an eye witness or anyone who has a prima facie evidence of the same. Corporate investigators on the other hand, deal with such cases that include fraud in a business company. They find out the causes for any pilferage done in the accounting department or whether any fraud is taking place or not. They also interview candidates before hiring for an organization.
Financial investigators on the other hand scrutinize all the financial statements, keeps a strict eye over the stock and make sure that the assets of the business are safe and secure. They contact the head of the accounts department and might ask for disclosing some necessary information related to bookkeeping and handling of stock.
Store detectives are another type of private investigators who are hired by retail stores. Their primary responsibility is to keep vigilance over the activities of the store. They make sure that no customers, store employees or vendor representatives steal the merchandise from the store. This is done by conducting periodic inspections in areas like dressing rooms, stock areas and restrooms. They are also known as loss prevention agent as they provide full security for all the things present in the stores.
There is no specific training given by any institution to be a private investigator. It all comes from experiences and an on the job experience is the best one to get an exposure in this field. Working under an experienced professional also gives immense experience to a candidate.
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