Why Do Girls Want to Be Chased? - A Sign She"s Into You

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Guys would love it if we all cut the chase and tell them straight if you're interested or not.
Girls sometimes, give-off the most difficult signs if they are attracted to guy or they just plainly lead them on and then break their hearts in the end.
What's the real score on why girls want to be chased anyway? Is it a code or secret rule to do before they even admit that they like the guy? When a girl shows that she want to be chased, she just wants to make sure that you're that attracted to her, or else you won't pursue her at all.
Being tracked can be flattering and this adds to their female ego that they sure are desirable and likable for the guys.
Most girls would just tell you straight not to get your hopes high at them while other enjoy some more attention before detaching themselves all together.
A girl who still leaves you hanging but also demonstrates some interest in you is actually, totally interested but doesn't want to appear desperate or easy-to-get.
So when a girl poses a challenge for you to pursue her, be patient.
She is testing the waters if you're worth seeing or not.
Girls who would gladly hit the sack with you on the first date aren't really that worth the stress since there's a big chance they're just looking for a fling or a short-term relationship.
If you're into a more serious set-up type of guy, extend your persistence a little longer and chase her more.
Who knows, she might tell you she's in love when you least expect it.
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