Get Rid Of Yellow Stained Teeth By Getting Teeth Whitening In Indianapolis

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Teeth whitening treatment can help to remove the discoloration of the teeth.

Teeth whitening treatment in Indianapolis removes all stains that is stuck on the enamel of the teeth. This process is known as bleaching process and is done to get teeth whitened and get rid of teeth discoloration. This process can be done at home by purchasing the kit over the counter. You can also get them done at the dental clinic for a cosmetic treatment. Teeth whitening are not a permanent solution and need a lot of care and maintenance. Teeth get discolored because of different eating habits. Taking beverages like colas, oranges, coffee and tea has a deep color that can discolor the teeth faster. Age is a factor that can cause teeth discoloration. Intake of chemicals and drugs is another reason that can cause teeth discoloration.

How is in-office and in-home treatment given?

Common type of tooth whitening uses a whitening solution which is more like a gel. This is applied to the surface of the tooth directly. This product contains hydrogen peroxide. The procedure can be done in the dentist office in Indianapolis or at home. In-office method, allows the dentist to use powerful whitening gel. In this a specialized laser light is used to activate the gel and bleaching can happen faster. The process of in-office whitening normally takes about 30 minutes. This can be done in a maximum of 3 settings. Number depends on the method used and also depends on how severe the tooth is stained. Different stains respond differently. The cosmetic dentist applies a substance that protects the gums. Later the whitening agent is placed on the teeth. Once the whitening agent is applied, the dentist will shine the light on the teeth. If the teeth are badly discolored, then the dentist may recommend continuing the process at home for few days. Another method is the in-home whitening where the dentist will take the impression of the upper and the lower teeth and can make customize mouth piece. The fit needs to be perfect as a close fit can help the whitening agent to remain in contact with the teeth. At home, you need to wear the mouthpiece for several hours in a day to achieve good results. The results can be noticed in 2 weeks.

When is the follow-up done?

If the gums are sore or white, it is important to follow-up with the dentist in Indianapolis. Since whitening is not a permanent solution, stains can come back again. It is always important to visit the dentist every 6 months for the follow-up.
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