How to Make an Egyptian Pharaoh Head Piece

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  • 1). Measure around the circumference of your head, just above ear level. Inflate a balloon until the circumference of the widest part is slightly larger than the circumference of your head. Draw a line around this circumference in felt pen. Cut one egg cup out of an egg box and glue that to the top of the balloon. The balloon and the egg cup make up the structure around which the white component of the head piece will be constructed.

  • 2). Mix four parts of PVA glue with one part of water in a plastic bowl. Tear newspaper into long strips and dip them in the mixture before laying them on the balloon and egg cup. Only place paper strips above the felt tip line on the balloon, leaving a distinct boundary. Gradually build up the bowling-pin-esque shape of the white part of the Pharaoh's crown, smoothing out any lumps that appear while the surface is still wet.

  • 3). Leave the newspaper to dry, then burst the balloon with a pin. The balloon should be easy to remove from beneath the newspaper and should leave the structure intact. Use scissors to tidy up the edge of the now rigid newspaper, making a straight line around the bottom of the crown. Spray the newspaper white, covering it with enough coats to render the newsprint invisible.

  • 4). Cut a rectangle of red card with a length equal to the circumference of your head plus 1/2 inch and a height equal to the height of the white part of the head piece. Measure 1/2 inch into one end of the card and draw a line in pencil, parallel to the end of the rectangle, to mark this segment. Divide the rest of the card into three equally sized segments, marking these segments in pencil.

  • 5). From about one third of the way down from the top of the card, draw a sweeping curve extending from the left hand edge of the middle third of the card, into the left hand third, evening out into a straight, horizontal line at about two-thirds of the way down the card. Continue this straight, horizontal line to the left hand edge of the card. Repeat a mirror image of this line on the right hand third of the card. Cut along each line, following it to the top edge of the card.

  • 6). Draw a sweeping curve from about one third of the way down from the top of the card -- on the left hand edge of the middle third -- that brushes the top edge of the card and ends at the same point on the right hand edge of the middle third. Cut along this curve to complete the red part of the head piece. Wrap this red card around the white part of the head piece so that the ends of the cardboard are at the front. Overlap the extra 1/2 inch segment behind the other end of the cardboard and glue into place. Glue the red card to the white part of the head piece to complete the crown.

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