Effective Herbs for Sinus Infections in Children

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    Echinacea and Golden Seal

    • The immune system strengthening abilities of echinacea, combined with the antibacterial properties of golden seal, make for a powerful herbal combination when it comes to fighting sinus infections in children. Specifically, golden seal works on eliminating infection in the mucous membranes, while echinacea acts as a pain and inflammation reliever.

      The site Herbs 2000 recommends one dose of an echinacea/golden seal combination every two hours, not to exceed six doses over a 12-hour period. Another option is to administer the single dose three times a day for a period of time not exceeding more than 10 days.


    • Medicinally, garlic is well known for being a good blood-thinning agent as well as lowering blood pressure. Additionally, garlic also carries a strong antibacterial component, a characteristic that can be used to attack the infectious germs that lead to sinus infections. The garlic is to be taken orally. Because children may not enjoy the taste of garlic as much as many adults, over-the-counter, odorless garlic tablets are the best option for an infected child. Most garlic tablets contain 500 mg of garlic extract, though some supplement manufacturers produce tablets with as little as 50 mg of garlic extract per dose.

    Rosemary and Eucalyptus

    • You won't be using these two herbs themselves, but rather the essential oils extracted from them. For those who don't have access to a health food store or natural foods co-op, essential oils can be purchased online. You can expect to pay at least $4 for a mere 1/2 ounce of these oils, although a little of either goes a long way.

      The process of administering these oils to treat the infection will involve adding five drops of the essential rosemary or eucalyptus oil to a large bowl of hot, steaming water. The child can breathe in the essential oils rising in the steam, transmitting the inflammation-reducing oils directly to their desired target.


    • Although herbs can help cure sinus infections in children, it's important to note that extreme pain, severe breathing difficulty, and symptoms that linger longer than a few days warrant medical attention and possibly stronger prescription antibiotic. So see a doctor immediately if any serious symptoms develop or persist.

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