HANDS as a case study to develop and manage human capital in NGO Sector

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This is as fact as steel that Human Resource Management has become one of the most important divisions of any organization nowadays. One cannot even imagine a proper organization or company functioning well without an effective Human Resource Management department. Managing and handling the employees at any organization is the most important challenge that needs to be handled properly by people who are well trained in this area.  in the same way HR&ID department in HANDS has been play multidimensional tasks for achieving ends of organization which not only  focus on recruitment of employees, and providing direction for employees who work in the organization but also build capacity of new recruited human resources through trainings, exposures and seminars.

Consequently constantly training and developing the skills and capabilities of the staff members is known as important part of the HR&ID Department job. So team of HR&ID Department has to organize seminars and workshops so that the employees get a chance to hone their skills and perform their duties in a better way. In addition HR&ID department is tasked in HANDS with constantly reviewing the existing organizational policies, making appropriate changes in them and coming up with new strategies and policies that cater to the growing demands of any organization, because These policies help in maintaining the smooth functioning of an organization and ensure that the interests of both the organization and the employees are safe guarded.

Furthermore HR&ID department has to make sure that all the old and new policies of an organization are implemented in letter and spirit and all the employees adhere to the rules set under these policies strictly. One of the most important and difficult tasks the HR&ID department in HANDS is charged with is rewarding the employees and deciding appraisals. Rewarding the employees properly for their hard work and effort is essential in maintaining employee satisfaction and keeping them motivated. Further HR&ID team has to make sure that the appraisals that are handed out to the employees are fair and correspond with the level of input and output of each employee. If a Manager gives unfair or biased appraisals, the employees will become discontent and the quality of work will deteriorate quickly. Moreover HR&ID Department plan, organize, and direct a wide range of training activities, conduct orientation sessions, and arrange on-the-job training for new employees. HR&ID Department help HANDS employees maintain and improve their job skills and prepare for jobs requiring greater skill, HR&ID Department team work with supervisors to improve their interpersonal skills and to deal effectively with employees.

HR&ID Department team may set up individualized training plans to strengthen employees' existing skills or teach new ones. HR&ID Department team also may set up leadership or executive development programs for employees who aspire to move up in the organization. These programs are designed to develop or "groom" leaders to replace those leaving the organization and as part of a corporate succession plan, HR&ID Department team also lead programs to assist employees with job transitions as a result of mergers or consolidation, as well as retraining programs to develop new skills that may result from technological changes in the work place. HR&ID Department team assess the training needs of employees and guide them through the most appropriate training. Planning and program development is an essential part of the HR&ID Department team's job. In order to identify and assess training needs, trainers may confer with managers and supervisors or conduct surveys. They also evaluate training effectiveness to ensure that employees actually learn and that the training they receive helps the organization meet its strategic goals and achieve results.
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