Sizes and Reviews of Small Condoms

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The best condom is the one that fits right, and for some guys a small condom, one that fits tighter or snugger, is going to be the best condom.  Small condoms may be shorter, or narrower, or both.  Because condoms are regulated country by country, the selection can be vastly different depending on where you live and where you shop.  

Not surprisingly, most condoms are sized in the middle, to catch the largest number of customers.  In that category there are dozens of different brands.  But when you're looking for larger condoms or small condoms the selection is less exciting (for example, there are no non-latex small condoms).    Hopefully as the market grows so too will the selection.  Here are the small condom brands available for sale in the U.S.

Beyond Seven/Beyond 7

Beyond Seven (also sometimes found as Beyond 7) are a Japanese condom with a snugger fit. They are slightly longer than average (194 mm) but narrower (50 mm) and also thinner (.05 mm). The thinner latex, along with the extra latex that is usually still rolled up at the base (because they are longer) both make them good for a smaller fit, and also sometimes recommended for any man who has a micro penis. Beyond Seven are the only small condoms that are also thinner.

Statistics and image provided by manufacturer Okamoto USA.More »

Lifestyles Snugger Fit

Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms are slightly shorter than average (180 mm), but significantly more narrow (44-49 mm). The latex is average thickness (.07 mm) and the feel is similar to the other Lifestyle latex condoms and noticeably different than other companies.
Statistics and image provided by manufacturer Ansell Healthcare Products. LifeStyles is a trademark of Ansell Healthcare Products LLC or an affiliate.More »

Contempo Exotica

The Contempo line of condoms is actually known for fitting a little wider than other condoms, but the Exotica condoms are smaller in every way. They are the shortest condom available (160 mm) and about the same width as both Lifestyles and Iron Grip (49 mm). They aren't a thinner latex (.07 mm), and Contempo are also manufactured by Ansell (the makers of Lifestyle condoms). The latex feels similar to Lifestyles but the fit is absolutely different. The only drawback is that Contempo can be hard to find (although they are popular in gas stations) and the packaging somehow stays dated, even when they redo it.

Statistics from Condomania, image from Pricegrabber.More »

Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condoms

The newest small condom on the block, Iron Grip Snugger Fit doesn't mince words. The length is right in the middle of other small fit condoms (170 mm) and the width is about on par with most others (49 mm), Iron Grip have a regular thickness (.07 mm) but their own fit and feel. Being the newest product they can be a bit harder to find, although they are easily available online, and if you've tried other brands but haven't found one that fits just right, it's nice to have another option which is perfect for some guys.

Statistics and images from courtesy of Caution Wear Corp.More »
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