Want to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Now? Here Are 7 Mistakes You Don"t Want to Make at All

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You just broke up and it hurts so bad that you cannot breathe.
You want to turn back the watch to the time you were together and happy and stop it there forever.
What should you do to reverse this situation? What can you do to get him love you again? Is that possible at all? Of course, it is.
You can do anything you set your mind to; however, you should be careful that you avoid the 7 cardinal mistakes at this time - the time you want to win him back: 1.
Rush into it - I know you want him back in your arms, to love you, to forget that you ever broke up.
But this takes time, do not expect or demand that he forgets everything and comes back to you the moment you want him back.
This would, in fact, have the total opposite effect.
Embarrass him in public - do not make scenes in public crying, cursing him and demanding that he come back to you.
It is true that this is very intimidating and unnerving; however, the result would not be what you want, but the opposite.
He will go as far as he could from you.
Bad mouth him in front of friends - do not call him names in front of friends, not matter how angry you are with him.
This is going to further spoil your relationship rather than repair it.
Whatever you have to say, you tell it to him and only to him.
Play the victim - it is true you would be hurting much as a result of the break up.
However, it is not in your interest to play the victim and show him as the villain of the romance.
Spill (or threaten to spill) his secrets - whatever he has shared with you in confidence during your relationship should stay between you two.
Never ever spill those secrets with the intention to intimidate him to come back to you.
Threaten him - do not threaten him with dire consequences if he does not come back to you.
Love cannot be dictated no matter what and such tactics would only push him away from you.
Do not flit from one man to another - if you think you are making him jealous, you are wrong.
When you suddenly start dating too many men, you send a wrong message not only to your ex, but also to all others around you.
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