3 Big Reasons to Write Articles

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Start writing articles providing real value to people searching your topic or niche.
Do you need a way to promote your niche without spending more money on PPC than you take in each month? Have you been burned trying to have the highest bids for ads on Google for your niche? Writing articles is not as difficult as it may seem.
You first have to decide on your topic.
Then decide what you want to offer to your readers that is valuable content for their needs.
It is best to give them a list of benefits to encourage the readers to click through the link in your resource box.
Then write a compelling resource box asking your reader to click on your link to get more great information Validate your expertise Your article will lead your readers to your website or blog.
There you can provide them with additional information on your topic and they will recognize your expertise in your topic.
You must provide content that shows your reader that if they continue to follow you, they will derive great benefit.
Grow your list When your readers realize that they want to follow you, they will be happy to give you their name and email address to receive more information on the topic.
Once your expertise is evident, the readers look forward to following you and gaining more information.
At this point it is a good idea to give away something like a free report, a short audio, or a short video on your topic.
Make more sales How does an article lead to sales when it sends your readers to your blog or website? The readers, if you have followed the correct steps, will have begun to like and trust you and understand that you are not just out there "selling" something but you really do want to provide them with value.
We all prefer to purchase from people that we like, trust, and feel are knowledgeable about their products.
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