Checking in on Your Spiritual Wellness

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When we hear the word spiritual, we typically think of being religious, right? Spirituality can be part of religion.
Many people say that they are spiritual but not religious.
For me spirituality is expansive.
As I see it, spiritual wellness has to do with these four things; 1) belonging, 2) meaning and purpose, 3) aliveness and vitality, and 4) giving back.
To create a sense of belonging you might join a church, booster club, local conservation group, or softball team.
Belonging to a group that enjoys and cares about the same things you do will help you to feel a connection to your community.
We must be careful to not let social media and text messaging replace face to face interaction.
How often are you doing things that give you a sense of meaning and purpose? You might be driving your kids to an activity or celebrating a presentation you gave at the office.
Perhaps you've created a beautiful garden or organized a team for a fundraiser.
Consider doing things that bring you joy and peace rather that just checking off things on your 'to do' list.
What do you do that energizes you? Maybe you play a musical instrument, paint, write, or sing.
Or perhaps you hike, kayak, or ride a motorcycle.
Consider doing something in solitude where you can recharge your battery.
Or cheer with the crowd for your favorite team.
Both of these experiences will make you feel more alive.
How do you give back? There are so many ways we can volunteer our time either formally or informally.
Perhaps you are a tour guide in a museum or a scout leader.
Maybe you work in a soup kitchen, participate in a mentoring program, or take care of your neighbor's children.
The funny thing about giving is that the person who gives is the one who gains because it feels so good.
So if you don't make it to the gym this week or you don't eat as healthfully as you planned, try not to feel badly.
You might check in with yourself and notice what you've done or what you can do improve a different aspect of your wellness...
your spiritual wellness.
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