Las Vegas Divorce Laws

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    Residency Requirements

    • Nevada law requires a divorce petitioner to have been a resident of Clark County for at least six weeks. This change makes it impossible for residents outside of Clark County to come to Las Vegas for a quick divorce.

    Waiting Period

    • Like many states and counties, you need to endure a six-week waiting period after filing. This is in addition to your residency requirement of six weeks. In some states, this is called a "cooling-off period."

    Property guidelines

    • Nevada is a community property state. This means that any property obtained during the marriage, both real and monetary, is split evenly between the filing parties. This applies to gambling winnings, inheritance and any other property, making prenuptial agreements null and void.


    • If you have only been married a very short time, you may qualify for an annulment. Reasons for annulments recognized by the court are misrepresentation by either party, incapable mental state, drunkenness, being under legal age and being blood relatives.

    Documents and Filing

    • Divorce kits are available from the courthouse or petitioners may choose to hire attorneys. All forms must be filled out to specific methods and typed. Petitioner must sign all pertinent forms and get them notarized. When filing, you must present one original copy and three copies. A filing fee of $147 should accompany your documents. It can be paid in cash, by a money order or a local check with photo identification.

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