How to Make Sequin Leggings

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    • 1). Slide a piece of cardboard into the leggings to separate the fronts and backs of the legs and to flatten the leggings' surface.

    • 2). Spread fabric glue in little pools all over the leggings wherever you desire to attach sequins. Squeeze out larger amounts of glue for clusters of sequins, and apply smaller dabs of glue for just one or two individual sequins.

    • 3). Place sequins on top of the glue, and press them down firmly, allowing them to fully adhere to the glue. Be inventive with the way you pile on the sequins; attach them in clumps, layers and clusters, and make an interesting design.

    • 4). Allow the glue to dry for the length of time specified on the bottle.

    • 5). Sew a few stitches around each cluster of sequins to strengthen their attachment. Choose a thread that matches the color of the leggings, or for contrast select the color directly opposite the color of the leggings; a color wheel can help you determine this.

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