The Scoop On An Alternative Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

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Just a few years ago a friend of mine was told that he had pancreatic cancer. He knew that something was wrong with his body, but the problem just didn't seem that bad, so he waited three months before going to his doctor. After telling him that he had inoperable pancreatic cancer, the doctor also told him that he had waited too long before coming in and only had about three months to live.

As my friend found out, pancreatic cancer tends to be very aggressive and very quick to spread. For these reasons an alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer is necessary to have if patients are going to have any hope of getting better. The conventional treatments of radiation therapy and chemo therapy weren't appropriate for my friend because the cancer had spread through so much of his body. It was just plain too late.

A lot of people who get pancreatic cancer don't even know what it is that the pancreas does. The pancreas is vital first of all, because it produces an enzyme called trypsin that helps us digest cooked food. You see, when we cook our food, we also destroy the enzymes in the food that would have helped us digest it.

The other more commonly known function of the pancreas is to produce the insulin to break down the glucose in our systems. An insufficient amount of this insulin results in diabetes.

Now, on to the alternativetreatment for pancreatic cancer. This treatment has its origins clear back in the time of Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine. His cure for any cancer was garlic and onions. He didn't know why it worked, he just knew it did.

As it turns out, garlic and onions are alkaline in nature. The importance of this fact was noted in1924 when Dr. Otto Warburg wrote in a paper that cancer could not exist in the presence of oxygen. Since garlic and onions are both alkaline, they both tend to have oxygen in them. Hippocrates's cure explained!

The findings that Dr. Warburg had put forward were quickly forgotten by the mainstream medical community, but they have evolved into an alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer and all other cancers.

How can you or I apply this alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer? Simple, if you have pancreatic cancer, you should change your diet so that you aren't consuming highly acidic foods and only eat alkaline foods or foods that are only slightly acidic. You can check the ph of your foods by going online and getting a food chart.

If changing the diet isn't working fast enough, a supplement must be used. Calcium is an ideal supplement because it is alkaline and it is what's known as a buffer. In other words, just a little calcium can neutralize a lot of acid. There is a huge list of benefits that calcium has on the body. For just a partial list of calcium's benefits, go to

In order to properly absorb the calcium, it's necessary to also take a vitamin D supplements. In their book, "The Calcium Factor" Dr. Carl Reich and Robert Barefoot recommend at least 5,000 I.U.s per day of Vitamin D along with six capsules of coral calcium as an alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer or any other kind of cancer.

Cesium chloride is another supplement that can be used to raise alkaline levels in the body. It very effective because it has a very high alkaline ph (14). You should add this to your alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer because it has very large molecules that get trapped inside the cancer cells making them very alkaline. There is one problem though, because it is so alkaline, it's actually very caustic and can harm the human body so a doctor should be consulted before using this substance.

Most M.D.s don't normally look for the cause of a problem, they are just trained in treating the result of the problem. The beauty of this alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer is thatnot only is the problem addressed, but the cause, an acidic body is addressed also. Not treating the cause is just one reason so many people have cancer again within five years of successfully receiving conventional treatment. Another reason is that conventional treatments actually cause cancer by damaging the immune system.


People that survive more than five years after their conventional treatments are usually the ones who inadvertently have switched to a more alkaline diet. They have stopped eating the junk food, the processed food and have decided to eat more green vegetables (many of which are alkaline by the way).

To read more about an alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer, please click on this link to my Ezine article entited, "Alternative Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer".
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