Pain - How to Treat Your Child"s Hurt and Injury

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What do you use to treat the your child's hurt and the injury? A new study in the latest issue of Pediatric looks at three commonly used medicines for kids' painand found which one works best.
The study looked at how well the medications worked for musculoskeletal injuries to the neck, back, arms or legs in kids who came to the emergency room.
You would think that in this day and age we'd have a grasp on which medication is best for children's pain due to musculoskeletal injuries--things like bruises, and even fractures.
It is somewhat unbelievable there hasn't been a lot of research into this, which is why this new study sheds a lot of light on the kids pain issue.
Kids who come into an E.
, or even are just treated at home, needpain medicines that can be managed with less intense medicine then codeine.
But which one is best?Tylenol? Ibuprofen? What about codeine? Except for codeine, These are Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, usually abbreviated to NSAIDs, are drugs with analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.
They reduce pain, fever and inflammation.
The term "non-steroidal" is used to distinguish these drugs from steroids.
NSAIDS are unusual in that they are non-narcotic.
The findings clearly shows a pain relief advantage to ibuprofen, which acts both centrally in the brain pain centers and at the site of injury.
After one hour, more children got more pain relief using ibuprofen than those taking tylenol or codeine.
In fact, there's no difference between tylenol and codeine in terms of pain relief.
Ting An Lee, a pediatrician at Children's Hospital at Montefiore,
"Tylenol acts more centrally and the ibuprofen also is acting centrally but also has peripheral effects.
That is the major difference between the two.
Often times we will use ibuprofen because of what I mentioned before the peripheral effects and helping to reduce the swelling and the inflammation that comes along with these muscular-skeletal injuries," says Dr.
So for treatment of you childs pain, it looks like ibuprofen should be the medicine of choice.
But, you should look into non-addictive, non-oral solutions as well.
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