Trivita Business Opportunity - A Review of The Unique Differences

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If you're going to write a Trivita business opportunity review you need to examine the differences between the Trivita and other companies.
The contrasts between this opportunity and other companies in the network marketing industry are startling, and it is surprising that more people aren't aware of this up and coming company.
For starters, let's examine how the Trivita business opportunity differs from virtually any other nutritional products company.
The first difference is in the focus of the Trivita business, as it truly is a direct sales model.
The focus of the commission structure as well as the advancement plan is on retail sales, not recruitment.
Of course, Trivita affiliate members are welcome to recruit as many other affiliates as they want.
However only three personally sponsored affiliates (other companies call them reps or distributors) are required to reach the rank of director in the Trivita business opportunity.
This makes the business perfect for people who love the products and love to share them, but are uncomfortable with talking to others about the business.
The second major difference is in the amount of the company's products that you must order to qualify for commissions.
New affiliates need only order $20 a month to qualify for commissions.
Again, this makes it much easier to get started and much more attractive to many who would like to start their own business but cannot afford the high automatic monthly order requirements of other companies.
Another major difference between the Trivita business opportunity and others is in how the company continues to market their product line to your retail customers.
Once you find a customer and they place an order through your Trivita site or affiliate link, the company will regularly mail that customer specials, catalogs, and other company literature to encourage them to make repeat purchases.
They are a fantastic direct marketing company and work hard to keep your customers happy and making repeat purchases.
Finally, the Trivita home business opportunity offers the only cooperative marketing program of its kind.
To explain it in uncomplicated terms, the company pays to air infomercials on television and radio stations in key markets across the country.
Persons who hear or see these advertisements call in or visit the Trivita site to place an order.
Trivita then allows their affiliate members to "buy" these customers from them.
The affiliate member pays a fee to cover the company's acquisition costs, and then the affiliate member who "bought" those customers gets paid on their purchases for life.
As you can see, the Trivita business is unique and like no other.
It integrates key elements that many who are searching for a home business find very attractive.
This makes the Trivita business opportunity a sure choice for anyone who wants a business they can actually build.
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