How to Install a House Alarm

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    • 1). Check the instructions on the home alarm system. Make sure it includes all the necessary components to install the alarm.

    • 2). Select points to fit the alarm sensors. These should be at potential entry points for burglars, such as your front and back doors and windows that may be vulnerable to intrusion. If you keep a vehicle or other important possessions in your garage, fit a sensor on the garage door, too.

    • 3). Fit the sensors by placing the magnets and sensor buttons in accordance with the instructions on your home alarm system. The sensor points can be drilled using an electric drill and any gaps secured using putty and a putty knife. Open and shut the doors or windows slowly to ensure the sensor switch activates.

    • 4). Wire the alarm (unless the alarm is wireless) to the sensors. Use a circuit loop rather than a separate wire for each sensor. This will ensure the main alarm will be triggered whenever any sensor is violated. Extend the alarm wire to the sensors by taping it along the perimeter of the floor and walls using duct tape. Make sure no wires are loose as this may lead to accidents.

    • 5). Connect the alarm wire to the control panel by following the instructions that come with the home alarm. Attach it to a wall using a screw and screwdrivers. The control panel allows you to activate and disable the alarm as required. This should be at a point of easy access, such as just inside the front or back door.

    • 6). Test the control panel to ensure all sensors are working properly. Choose a password that will allow you to override the control panel in the event of the alarm going off accidentally.

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