How to Make a Flower Comb

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    • 1). Choose a hair comb with a wide top. The top is the section of the hair comb that sticks out of the hair. Hair combs come in a variety of sizes; therefore, choose a comb that fits the size and thickness of hair. Adults need a longer hair comb, while children may need a smaller hair comb.

    • 2). Cut ribbon to the size of the top of the hair comb. The ribbon can either lie across the top of the hair comb, or wrap around the front and back of the comb if the top is large enough.

    • 3). Adhere the ribbon to the comb using hot glue. Hold the ribbon to the comb until it is completely dry.

    • 4). Remove the silk flower from the stem and cut down the back tip as much as possible. Other options include removing the back tip and gluing the petals individually to the comb.

    • 5). Attach the flower to the ribbon using the hot glue. To glue the back tip, simply place hot glue around the tip and press the tip down in the center of the ribbon. Hold the flower to the comb until it is completely dry. To glue individual petals, glue the petals to the comb using the natural rotation of the flower and layering. Allow the glue to dry completely in-between layers so the petals do not slip and attach in the wrong place.

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