How to Balance on Water Skis

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    • 1). Put on a life preserver and securely tighten the water ski bindings around your feet. Sit in the water with the tips of the skis out of the water about shoulder-width apart, and hold the rope between them.

    • 2). Give an audible signal to the boat driver to take off when there is tension on the rope and you are ready. Try dragging through the water for a few yards before the boat accelerates to get accustomed to the sensation of the water on the skis.

    • 3). Remain in a crouched position with your knees bent as the boat pulls you up. Don't resist the pull of the boat, rather allow it to do all the work to pull you out of the water.

    • 4). Stand up slowly while keeping your arms outstretched. The slower your movements, the less likely you are to overcompensate while trying to keep your balance. If you pull on the handle quickly, the skis will jolt in front of you and you will fall backward.

    • 5). Keep both hands on the handle, even if you feel like you are falling sideways. Letting go with one hand will cause your body to twist away from the boat. Stay directly behind the boat until you are comfortable going outside the wakes.

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