How to Choose Living Room Decor

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    • 1). Choose a style or theme you find pleasing. Think about colors, textures and moods you enjoy and want to evoke with your room before buying anything. Options are plentiful and they include Mediterranean, Italian, rustic, modern, French Country and Asian. You will also need to consider formal and informal styles as well as comfort levels.

    • 2). Pick paint colors that amplify your living room theme. Warm colors include gold, yellow, red and orange. Cooler colors include blue, green, grey and white. Consider how you want your guests to feel in the room and pick a shade that matches the style you choose. Pale colors work with country styles while dark colors go with bolder styles.

    • 3). Select furnishings that coordinate with the look you want. If you decide to go with an Asian, modern or mid-century flair, you'll want streamlined furnishings with little detail while country and Mediterranean styles use furnishings that are more ornate.

    • 4). Decorate with fabrics that highlight your style. Some styles, such as ocean-inspired and minimalist, lend themselves to simple and light fabrics. Other styles like Italian or Victorian, give you the opportunity to decorate with plush, heavy fabrics. A chair upholstered with brocade fabric is ideal for an elegant room while floral fabric pillows on a soft, overstuffed sofa enhance the country style.

    • 5). Hang inviting window treatments in your living room. While your curtains should reflect your style, go with ones that also make your guests feel welcome. Sheer fabrics work well in living rooms that require more light or where you need to screen a view.

    • 6). Choose flooring that helps your living room look pulled together. Oriental rugs are ideal for eclectic, Asian and minimalist themes. Rugs with geometric patterns complement modern decor styles. If you choose a rug with many colors, pull one or two colors from the rug -- one wall color and one accent -- and go easy on the rest of the colors in your living room to avoid making the room feel unbalanced.

    • 7). Decorate your living room with appropriate accents. Details, like a bowl of seashells or a pair of brushed bronze lamps, enhance the mood of your room. Simple items, like plants candles, pillows and vases make your living room feel complete.

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