Bulldog Skin Disorders

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    • Also known as canine atopic dermatitis, the characteristics of this condition are dry, inflamed and itchy skin. The sensitive, wrinkled skin on the bulldog's face is most prone to this disorder. As a preventative, clean this area routinely and apply an emollient as a protective barrier. In flare-ups, apply a cortisone cream.

    Yeast Infections

    • The breed's distinctive facial wrinkles often provide the perfect environment for yeast infections. Yeast thrives in damp places, and with daily drinking and eating the folds of skin trap in moisture and food particles. Itchiness and a characteristic smell often are present with a yeast infection. An antifungal medication may be applied either topically or taken internally. This condition can often be prevented or minimized with regular cleaning and the use of an emollient.


    • This skin problem can be manifested as either an excessively oily or greasy coat, or as very dry, flaking skin. Although many breeds are prone to this condition, with bulldogs it appears to be genetically linked. This disorder is often treated with a two-fold approach: externally and internally. Regular shampooing and a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids helps to restore the balance of the fur's oils.


    • If dirt enters the skin's pores, the sebaceous glands may become irritated. This condition produces pink pimples and blackheads most commonly seen on the dog's chin and muzzle. If a bacterial infection results, pain and itching develop. Cleanliness is the primary preventative, although repeated outbreaks of acne may signal a lowered immune response that may benefit from vitamin supplements.

    Acute Moist Dermatitis

    • Better known as hot spots, these skin irritations are primarily caused by an allergic response and are aggravated by the dog licking the area. The lesions are very itchy, cause a lot of discomfort and spread rapidly on the skin. Isolating the cause of these hot spots may be difficult; therefore, treatment becomes the immediate concern. Antibiotics, topically or orally, with a cortisone cream relieve the symptoms.

    Interdigital Cysts

    • Bulldogs are prone to the development of abscesses between their toes. Usually the result of ingrown hair, these cysts are painful. By regularly applying an iodine solution to the dog's feet, this disorder can be effectively prevented or treated.

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