How to Put Full Length Video on a Phone

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    • 1). Insert the microSD card into the SD card adapter.

    • 2). Insert the adapter into the SD card port on the front of your computer. If your computer does not have this, insert it into the USB SD card reader and put that into an open USB slot on the computer.

    • 3). Click "Open folder to view files." This is your microSD card's folder.

    • 4). Open the folder that contains the video.

    • 5). Right-click the video and select "Copy." Note the size in gigabytes the movie is. If it is larger than what the card is, the card will not be able to hold it.

    • 6). Right-click anywhere withing the microSD card folder and click "Paste." Be patient. Transferring a full movie that is gigabytes large may take a few minutes.

    • 7). Remove the microSD card from the adapter and computer once the transfer is complete.

    • 8). Insert the microSD card into your phone and the movie will be available immediately in your media player for you to view.

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