3 Things You Are Doing Which Guarantee Rejection And Make All Girls Treat You Like Garbage

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More often than not men end up committing several all too common mistakes which solidify rejection cause the girl to lose all interest and respect for you.
Most of the time it's not the girl who is at fault for treating you like this, it's your fault.
Certain things you are doing or talking about are causing her to treat you like an immature pre pubescent teen.
Most of the guys who are not getting the respect they think they deserve form women are either consciously on sub consciously committing some if not all of the following: Asking for approval and seeking validation - Some guys are not sure about anything in life and they are not confident enough in himself to make and commit to a decision.
These people are followers and lack confidence, which we all know women find extremely attractive.
Women want someone who is sure about who they are and where they are going.
They don't want to baby sit their boyfriend! Make up your own mind.
If you have no direction in your life, I suggest working on that.
Talking about your insecurities and shortfalls - Why would you want to throw yourself under a bus? When you talk about what you lack, this is essentially what you are doing.
When you tell them how bad you are at certain things they treat you the way you are asking them to treat you.
People don't respect other people who put themselves down.
It gives the impression that being put down is common in your daily life and you also make it acceptable for others to treat you the same way you are treating yourself.
Having a bad habit and not doing anything about it - This is a major problem for the majority of guys on the dating scene.
If you have a bad habit say that you are not happy with it and you are making an effort to better yourself.
Women will appreciate the simple fact that you are consciously making an effort.
Women want a man who takes action! They are not looking for someone who is all talk and no walk.
If your bad habit is not something that you eventually see your self giving up, they you are addicted should seek professional help.
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