Better Short Game, Equals Lower Scores

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Whenever I go to my club or a driving range, I see people blasting away with the driver and fairway woods on the range.
I then look over at the short game and putting areas and hardly see anybody.
It's just amazing how frequently this happens.
Now I am not saying that you don't need to work on hitting the driver, and long irons, you certainly do, but not in the proportion that people do.
I think that people are so absorbed in hitting the ball farther they just don't think about the short game.
In a normal round, you hit the driver 14 times, long irons 9 times, fairway woods 3 times.
That's 26 strokes.
The average golfer shoots 94.
That leaves 68 strokes for the short game.
Do you see my point? Even if these average numbers don't fit you game, most of the strokes you use go to the short game.
The short game is where people win or lose! If you want to lower your handicap, you have to improve you short game.
Let's take a look.
Chipping Before you make the chip shot, you need to see what elements are going to affect the shot.
You should see how much green or distance there is between you and the hole.
You must pay attention to the slope of the green.
Does it run up hill or down hill, does it slope left to right or right to left.
These are very important considerations as to what club you might use, and how to play the shot.
If you want to chip better, you must learn to hit down on the ball, not up like most people do.
You want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.
You want to take an erect stance standing slightly open, keep your head down looking at the ball.
Your hands should be positioned ahead of the ball ( Using your putting stroke, take some practice swings to see how far back you need to swing).
Take the club back, and swing down and through at the ball accelerating through the shot.
The acceleration is an important key here.
The ball should pop up and come down and roll towards the hole.
You do not want to break your wrist, so use your putting stroke when you around the green.
Refining this method will get you closer to the hole more consistently.
Ray Floyd was known for his short game.
His method was to use less lofted clubs for chipping around the green, and more lofted clubs the farther away you are.
This is a very good model to follow.
Putting Putting is an individual thing, but there are some keys to good putting.
You should find a putter that fits you and that you are comfortable with.
Have you local professional help you with your search.
One of the quirks I see people do with a high degree of regularity is move their head when they put.
The want to see where the ball is going before the hit it.
I was guilty of this to.
A local Pro showed me a technique that I began t use that has really help me be a better putter.
This takes some discipline, but when you line up the putt, make sure that when you hit the putt, you see the putter hit the ball, and the putter head follow down the line.
After that, you can look at the ball rolling.
Again this takes some discipline, but you will hit the ball straighter and make more putts.
Hope this helps! Happy Golfing!!!
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