The Benefits of a Border Wall

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    • The first major benefit of a border wall is that a construction project of the size required for even a partial wall will create a lot of jobs. American construction industries will be able to win government contracts and hire American workers to build and finish the wall. After that, the Department of Homeland Security will need to hire more border patrol officers to help watch the wall and apprehend illegal immigrants. While the project is expensive, it will also generate a lot of work.

    Legal Channels

    • There's a movement in Mexico that has begun to endorse the idea of building a border wall. This movement argues that by building a wall to cut off illegal immigration, the United States will be forced to create more legal channels for migrant workers and others who do important work in the United States.

    International Relations

    • While many countries see a border wall as a negative symbol of xenophobia and paranoia, a wall may improve relations between the United States and Mexico. Many believe that this physical barrier would lead to a political compromise between the two countries. By forcing the issue of a wall, Mexico and the United States would likely be required to work together.

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