Science Project Board Ideas

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    Patterns and Textures

    • Create a 3-D display using household materials relevant to your topic to build your display board. For example, if your topic is related to the effects of soft drinks on a particular substance, add drinking straws as a border on your display and hang crushed empty soda cans between blocks of information or data. You could also cut the straws into letters for your display board. Search for nonperishable, lightweight items around your house that can be neatly attached to your display. Include the experiment as a display in front of the project board. If there is a taste test involved, always bring enough materials for viewers to use.


    • Add a bold paint color to your display board or cover the board in a bulletin board paper to build a bold display. Paint with a stencil or sponge so that the design remains neat. Use no more than three colors in your color scheme unless your science fair topic references a myriad of colors, such as research on rainbows. The letters in the title of your project should be in a color that is complementary to the color chosen for your background as these bring the strongest contrast and draw attention to your display. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite on the color wheel, such as purple and orange, black and white or red and green.


    • Most science fair project display boards are rectangular. Cut your display board into another shape to create an original look. Remember not to cut the base of the board as your display will still need to stand up on a tabletop. Shape ideas can be as simple as rounding the corners at the top so that the top of the display board appears to have three large humps or cutting a large zigzag edge on each side of the display board. Always trace lines before cutting so that the display has a clean and organized appearance.

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