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What do you think how movies, games, TV shows and even cartoons or comic books come into existence? How the ideas about all these go through a full blown image of the characters? The answer to these questions is Concept Art and the person who really gives a real face to your imagination is concept artist.

Concept is a type of illustration where the sole motive is to show the audience the visual representation of one's design, and imagination. It can be termed as the layout of your whole game and characters as well. Before putting the design or idea in the films, cartoon, games or comic books we do this concept art work. Concept art can also be termed as concept design or visual representation and can also be enforced to fashion design, interior design, set design or architectural design.

From the very scrap or very beginning one has to explore the concept first. The concept is the foremost need for structuring anything. If we talk about any architectural design we must first have to make a layout of the building will look like and that is what we call a concept of our architectural design. Same is the case with gaming; there is always a need to find the concept on which you are going to make the game. The concept in gaming will likely be the story of the game, the visual representation of the characters of the game, the platform on which we are going to make the game or it can be anything relating to game. Once the concept gets finalized only then the implementation starts. If the concept gets finalized then only these visually represented format get the real picture.

A concept artist is a person who develops a discernible design for any kind of scrap, character or field that still does not exist. A concept artist should be very imaginative and should have good artistic skills. He is required for any kind of artwork or we can say he is an essential part of the creative team. By understanding the requirements of the game, movie, cartoon or anything else it's his liability to now make some lavishing designs. A concept artist outturn the illustrations that further help the production designer that helps him to get a vision for films.  

Concept artists can also work for the development process as they are liable for making a series of illustrations which in turn help them selling the film to plausible distributers. So a concept artist is needed from very starting till end. He is the one who checks whether the movie or game or whatever the other person is developing is going in the right direction or not.

The software that is used for concept art course is Photoshop and Coral Draw. These are the best softwares to be used for concept designing as they enable most efficient working. Dexterity with traditional media is preponderant to the concept artist's strength to use any kind of painting software. And this is what an artist using such softwares learns and draws concept for the various fields.

Concept art being most widely used covers two themes sci-fi i.e. science fiction and fantasy. Concept is being used in film industry as well as the gaming industry. Rather its sphere is so widespread that one finds concept art in almost every profession be it architecture designing, fashion designing or game designing. With concept designing one gets the basic knowledge of so many things involving composition, lighting, color effects, and other related techniques.

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