A Million Households With Rotten Food and Pink Scenery Out Your Window - The Aftermath

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Many people do not consider all the problems with the aftermath of a group of huge Wildfires like those, which struck California in October of 2007.
After the fires were put out, there were 100s of thousands of tons of ash to be removed, much of it toxic.
This is enough to top off a huge landfill, worse it must go into a special landfill due to the environmental considerations.
Another big problem that no one talked about was all the spoiled food, which rotted due to the power outages and the refrigerators being stopped.
Consider 1,000s of tons of rotten, smelly food with maggots growing in it.
It smells so bad you do not dare put it in your trashcans, as the larva might hatch and you would have flies; not to mention the flies that would be attracted to it.
One instant observation of those who returned to their neighborhoods was all the musty burnt smell, that made it hard to breathe, some of the scorched Earth was tinted green from the Red Phoschek dropped from the special fire dropping aircraft.
The clean up mess from such a large number of huge fires in California reminds us just how disruptive these disasters are to our civilizations.
Consider a million households with rotten food, consider the smell, the scorched pinkish and black Earth surrounding you and the piled up ash and then you will realize why we must protect our civilizations from wildfires and the arsonist that start them.
We have come to far to live like that, we must live with strength and dignity, not fear.
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