The Free Energy Tesla Generator:: An Eco-friendly Alternative For Your Dwelling

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If you don't yet know what a Tesla electric generator is, you are in for a nice surprise. As the name suggests, this is a kind of electrical generator that was created by Nikola Tesla before he passed away. It was incredibly revolutionary at that time, to the point that the federal government actually confiscated his designs when he passed away. What they were afraid of was that he had established a way for people to get their own power without the large power companies. A system similar to this would set those firms out of business, costing them thousands and thousands of dollars. The blueprints have finally come out many years later, and the machine is still just as groundbreaking now as it was when Tesla first put his thoughts down on paper.

A Tesla generator scam
uses the radiation given off by the sun. It takes in this radiation, something that is bombarding the earth and the atmosphere continually, and switches it to electricity. You do not need to be worried about this radiation. Most people are, whenever they hear that word simply because they have heard so much about the threat of nuclear power. This is a different kind of radiation, however, that the sun continually gives off as a normal part of the burning process. You are all exposed to it no matter wherever you go, which is why it is so advisable to wear sun screen lotion, but using it in the tesla generator isn't going to pose a risk to you at all.

While other electric generators call for an outside fuel source, Tesla's generator does not. You can easily buy an electric generator that is run by gasoline, for example, but there are significant problems with this. For one thing, fuel alone is really expensive. You won't save any money unless you hardly use any electricity at all. The other drawback is that the burning of petrol to make energy creates pollution. Tesla's system does not do this, making it very friendly to the environment.

Once you have the generator, you will see just how useful it can be. Besides saving you money that you would be paying for your electrical bill, it also means that you are not enslaved to the electrical power lines that extend all through our cities. If there is a storm, a tree could fall on those lines. The people on your block will have no power, sometimes for days on end. With your own generator, you will still enjoy all of the electrical power that you need. You will be completely self-sufficient in this regard.

At some point in the near future, it is likely that nearly everybody will begin to use this form of technology. There are just too many advantages for it to remain unknown for long. The advantages to the entire world when this happens will be monumental. No longer will coal have to be mined out of the earth. No longer will rivers have to be dammed. A Tesla electric generator in each and every home will mean that the world is a cleaner, more beautiful place.
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