Top 7 Sites to Search a Cell Phone Number

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Are you on a cell phone number search? When you miss calls and get numbers on your phone, or on your phone bill and don't recognize who has been calling you (or your child or spouse), what you need to do is called a reverse phone lookup.
There are many sites that offer this service, but only a select few will offer you the confidentiality and security you need, as well as guaranteeing you full search satisfaction.
Just so you know, reverse phone search companies buy their data lists from third party providers such as cell phone companies and government record holders.
Many numbers are never freely published due to privacy reasons, and this includes cell phone, unlisted, pager, fax and business numbers.
This is why you have to pay a small fee to access these databases which include billions of records.
The top 7 sites all have different pricing structures, where you can get a one time search, or if you have many numbers to lookup, a yearly membership offers unlimited searches and is by far the best deal.
The Top 7 Reverse Phone Search Companies Are:
  1. Reverse Phone Detective
  2. Reverse Mobile
  3. Cell Phone Registry
  4. Reverse Genie
  5. Reverse Records
  6. Phone Number Scan
  7. Phone Number 411
This is list is in no particular order, but you can expect quality, secure searches from all these sites with 100% confidential searching using 128-bit encrypted server technology.
Also, they will all allow you to perform free preliminary searches to see if the information you are looking for is present.
Additionally, with yearly memberships you will also get access to government records of the caller, so you can see if they have a criminal record, where the have lived, as well as other phone numbers they may own.
Since the pricing of each site is different, the best thing for you to do is view a comparison of the Top 7 reverse phone sites to get your best deal.
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