7 Tips For Selecting The Best Air Compressor For Your Needs

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Air compressors are used in a variety of settings including home, business, industrial and maintenance shops to name a few.
When looking to purchase a unit you will want to know your needs and desires and the projects that you are needing and wanting to complete.
Are you looking for an air compressor to fulfill such needs around the house as blowing up air mattresses, toys, tires, inflatable swimming pools and other such projects? Or perhaps you are needing a machine for use with air tools, air brush kits, power-nailers or other medium to smaller uses, portable air compressors may be the perfect solution for these jobs.
Larger jobs will require larger air compressors such as those on construction sites and in industrial businesses.
The size of air compressors vary, depending on the jobs you are wanting to perform with them.
If you are looking for something that can be carried in the bed of a truck and easily accessible, than a smaller portable model will be the perfect solution.
Keep in mind, there are also air compressors that are a mere twenty pounds and easily transportable from place to place.
While shopping, keep in mind the upkeep and maintenance needed on different sizes, makes and models.
You must be sure to maintain proper levels of air within the tanks, oil levels must be checked and properly maintained, checks to be sure the safety valve operates properly, and check to be sure that the ability to find replacement belts and service parts are not going to be too much of a hassle or problem.
Whether you are looking to make an online purchase or in-store purchase, the best way to begin may be to look at the physical compressor in-store.
Get a feel for product floor models and then proceed to check online store prices (as well as shipping costs) with various in-store prices.
Also be sure to check stores for "price matching".
Warranties and extended warranties available
Many different brands carry different warranties and optional purchase warranties.
Be sure to decide the benefits of extending warranties and exactly what the warranties cover and do not cover.
The size of the unit will make your power needs vary, so be sure that you have the proper voltage and power source available to make your air compressor run properly.
The size of the air compressor will also draw variable amps, depending on the size, make and model.
Depending on your needs, you may want to be sure that there are plenty of accessory options available to meet you every need.
From air tools to cutting tools you want to be sure that your chosen unit.
These machines are made and designed to meet various needs, from the simple around-the-house needs to industrial sized jobs that require extensive power.
Purchasing an air compressor can be simple and easy if you have an idea what you are looking for and your project needs.
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