The Unlimited Broadband - A Hollow Claim by the Provider

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The introduction of the broadband has increased the popularity of the internet.
This has made this world stick to internet.
You should not waste your time by staying in a long queue to pay the bills, since almost all bill paying can be done with just a finger touch.
All you need for this is a computer system and high speed broadband internet connection.
This is an instantaneous task.
You are able to do the bank transactions easily online.
You can enjoy these facilities by sitting on your couch.
You should not roam around shop by shop to find the gift for your spouse or a seasonal fabric, since most of the leading industry players are available before you via the online store fronts.
This allows you to purchase online.
Here, you can compare the price of the different products and can go through the feedback from the customers.
As the necessity of the broadband increased, more and more leading players come up in the market with unlimited connection options.
The unlimited broadband connection is the best option for the heavy internet users.
Most of the research shows that the unlimited broadband guaranteed by the providers may not be unlimited at all.
What is meant by the unlimited service offered by the provider? It is nothing but the provider allows the subscribed customers to access the internet connection with no limit at all.
They are free to use the connection whether it is day or night.
The people are asked to be careful enough to subscribe to an unlimited connection.
There can be some hidden policies imposed by the provider that restrict the incessant internet access.
The customer should go through the terms and conditions carefully.
Did you ever come across a term 'fair usage'? This fair usage policy restricts the user to access the internet up to a definite limit.
After that, the speed of the connection may decrease or you have to pay more and more money for extra usage.
Some providers cap the unlimited mobile broadband service.
Recently the O2 announced that they are going to impose cap on the unlimited service.
The ASA is getting complaints from a number of customers and now the ASA is planning to consult the British Code of Advertising Practice and Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP).
Some of the providers will not provide the customers guaranteed speed at peak times.
They allow the customers to access the unlimited broadband at other times.
Anyway, it seems like the providers will be restricted to give the name unlimited to a connection that impose limit or cap for the access.
If you do not achieve the speed for which you are paying for then it is your responsibility to ask for the claimed speed to the provider.
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