What Are ERP and CRM? Do You Need Them?

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Whatever your business, whether you serve a regional community or clients nationwide, you likely require a secure and efficient computer platform for daily operations.
Inventory, payroll, and communication concerns are usually stored on databases for easy access, and while with smaller companies the use of simple applications like Microsoft Office will suffice, larger firms need customization.
For the business in need of a software that manages and coordinates all aspects of your work, applying ERP and CRM programs are the key to success.
ERP and CRM ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and is a hardware/software package designed in a modular fashion to allow businesses to operate various aspects of their work within a centralized database.
A company, for example, may have modules devised to handle warehouse inventory and sales, retail and wholesale pricing according to customers/clients, quality control and testing, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll and benefits.
Any aspect of the business handled internally is normally controlled by an ERP system.
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and is a software systems designed to keep track of existing customers and contacts that may become customers in the future.
Customized CRM programs may include in their databases information on a customer's name and address, buying history and requests, response to paper and electronic mailings and problem/resolution records.
Who Needs ERP and CRM? Any business that relies on keeping detailed records needs a software program to organize data: in other words, if you're business you need the systems.
How your company's ERP and CRM should be applied will depend upon the goals of your business and the activities performed.
If your company has no tech department, hiring a specialist in business software solutions can advise you on the right brand of program to implement.
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