Hybrid Orchids in Hawaii

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    Dendrobium Orchids

    • Dendrobium hybrid orchids are one of the largest group species. New discoveries are usually placed in the dendrobium orchid family, which accounts for the largest variations in size, color and species. Sharing genes improves the survival of weaker species, increases the flower size, and creates a wider variety of colors and flower patterns. Dendrobium orchids are typically used in Hawaii as part of floral garlands or ceremonial leis.

    Phalaenopsis Orchids

    • Phalaenopsis hybrids share a family trait of wide circular wing-shaped petals resembling a flying moth, and growers often refer to them as a moth orchids. Hybrid enthusiasts enjoy tracing the family trees of different species and groups, especially when the parent plant's information is not readily known. In many cases the plant's origins are present in the appearance and habits of the existing plant, which in the case of phalaenopsis orchids is evident in the winged petals.

    Cattleya Orchids

    • Cattleya orchids are some of the largest in size for flowers and come in a variety of hues with life cycles of 6-8 weeks. Cross breeding has produced a combination of solid and patterned flowers, creating a noted sense of showmanship in each single flower. Cattleya orchids' size makes them a popular flower choice for corsages and hair decorations, and a noted trait of cattleya orchids is that the center trumpet is trimmed with ruffled edging.

    Oncidium Orchids

    • Oncidium orchids may be the most playful of hybrid orchid species in Hawaii with their dangling flowers of yellow and brown from a single stem giving them the nick name of "butterfly" or "dancing lady" orchid. The center trumpet has the appearance of a lady's gown and in some flowers the trumpet looks like the open wings of a butterfly in flight. The colors alone make this family species of 400 known varieties a beautiful table ornament.

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