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The Disney Vacation Club is ideal for families that want to take a vacation every year.
With a rich selection of possible vacation spots, this thing is just what the doctor ordered! I'm not getting suckered into DVC! Now I must admit, I was not always a Disney Vacation Club supporter.
Truth be told, I was the person remarking under my breath when it seemed like there was a "DVC" exhibit on every corner.
I can recall telling my wife I would under no circumstances become a member of DVC just because they're pushing so hard.
In fairness, though, no one actually approached me.
These folks were simply there in case we sought after some information.
You don't get very far at the booth anyway, rather you schedule an appointment with a DVC associate.
This is where it gets sweet.
If you should consent to go meet with somebody they will facilitate to have your whole family picked up (if you want).
Moreover, the six people in my family were all presented $15 Disney Dollars which can be used like cash.
Yes, they essentially gave us $90 in cash to just go sit down with someone.
We honestly used two of the cards for beer in Downtown Disney.
I know, I know, we're rotten.
Tell me about it.
The Get Together All of us get there by shuttle which picked us up right in front of Bay Lake Tower, which is where we were vacationing that actual week.
As we stepped into the building we were warmly greeted with any refreshments of our preference, in addition to an eye-catching display of cookies.
I suppose it doesn't take very much to excite me - lol.
Well, in the office we go.
This is where I was expecting the high-pressure sales hype.
After all, they compensated me, picked me up, and fed me.
Naturally I'm about to recompense for that with a 3 hour passionate sales pitch! Nope.
Not a bit.
It was the polar opposite.
No hassle at all.
We basically had a regular chat.
Our representative was more interested in creating a back and forth discussion where he could establish what we were in search of.
What we were shopping for was a yearly family vacation in a gorgeous hotel.
We were searching for a location that is alluring to children, as well as adults.
We were seeking a budget friendly expense.
It just so happened that our wishes were exactly what the Disney Vacation Club had to offer.
The Price Well, it ain't cheap.
However, if you prefer to escape every single year then it works.
The whole program is based on points.
Each and every point has a value.
To stay during peak times it will cost you more points.
Points are deposited into your "bank" at the same time annually.
The price per point will increase yearly (so join now!).
What you want to find out is the amount of "points" you are going to require every year.
A household of 4 is in a more advantageous position than a family unit of 6.
A family of 4 can reserve a studio which sleeps 4 comfortably.
A household of 6 will want at least a 1 bedroom.
Of course the bigger the room, the more points you are likely to need.
You may "bank" points.
This means skip a year, increase the points in your bank.
You're able to also "borrow" points.
In the event you desire a monstrous 600 point Hawaii getaway, and you only acquire 300 points every year, you can borrow 300 points from the following year and make it work.
It's a wonderful system.
You can actually look to Disney's site to obtain the most current point chart.
Now that we're members Zero regrets! We would totally do it all over for a second time.
We deed in Bay Lake Tower.
As a result we have the option to arrange our family vacation at this resort 11 months beforehand.
This ensures we are able to "come home" anytime we would like to.
Equally, if we want to schedule elsewhere, say the Disney Boardwalk, we would not be allowed to book there until seven months in advance.
This makes sure that folks that deed at the Disney Boardwalk can "go home" if they prefer to.
It's a beautiful system.
What you MUST know - Most importantly, the price per point grows each and every year.
The quicker you join, the cheaper the program is going to cost.
The point totals to reside at each and every resort don't change.
However, the price per point does change.
- Deed at a location you enjoy.
Should you deed there, you may schedule 11 months out.
This all but promises you a room anytime you desire.
- In the event you are able to help it, do not go during peak times.
I absolutely adore Disney World above virtually anyone, but when the lines are extensive and the parks are extremely busy, it's only going to reduce the quality of your vacation.
- There will be once-a-year maintenance fees associated with the club.
These are dues which are owed in addition with ones own monthly payments.
You can add these costs to your monthly payment, or you can pay them in a single onetime payment each year.
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