Marriage: The Life Mate Marriage

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Marriage partners sometimes decide to be life mates.
Read on to discover what a life mate relationship looks like.
Signs of the Life Mate Marriage Life mates can be a viable and fulfilling life for many couples.
Here is what the life mate marriage can look like:
  • Couples are comfortable with each other, much like an old pairs of jeans
  • Couples love and care deeply about each other, though typically are not in love
  • They have not settled, they have settled into a relationship that is comfortable
  • There are occasional flashes of passion, but for the most part couples are good friends
What to Do The life mate marriage can be a viable, happy and fulfilling option.
You have the security of a long term relationship with someone who still has your best interest at heart.
I'm reminded of an elderly British couple that once lived across the street from me.
You could set your watch by them walking their dogs every morning and evening.
Married for 50 years and having lived on two continents, they had settled into a relationship that was comfortable and meaningful to both of them.
The life mate marriage is not a sentence, it is a privilege in which to go through life and grow old.
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